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By johanne James

Good day my dear readers and hope all is well and that you’ve all had a productive week. Then let me begin with this week’s topic.

Dare to use you voice, or dare to speak up. What is the cost, that you speak your mind and voice an opinion that might offend someone in power whom could have you snatched from this life in a microsecond!
Dare to speak against injustice, as so many have and have paid the price. But what is the price of silence, for evil to thrive? All it takes is for good men to stand and do nothing! The cowards among us will live much longer than the brave.

To speak up and voice an unpopular opinion will have your peers reeling in the aisles, “oh what did you say that for”? One must have the conviction of their beliefs to speak, and perhaps spend a good portion of their lives incarcerated, for they must be silenced. Words can inspire a nation and move them to revolt. Fear inspires us into irrational behaviour from the very words that lead those to revolt, and now, revolution! It matters not that words are spoken or read, they have the power to move nations rise up against whatever forces conspire to suppress them. Dare to use your voice and be singled out for treatment yet unknown, and thus may face being cast into oblivion along with others you have dared to follow. Selflessness would have to be the order of the day and the total disregard for one’s personal safety, and being ready to face whatever hardships may follow, even death!

Thank you to those who have spoken the very words we had dared not to.

Thank you to those who had put themselves in the direct line of fire.

Thank you to those who had sacrificed themselves in unimaginable circumstances to bring about change

And thanks for listening, but remember: Say what you like, just don’t practice what you preach!

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Johanne James



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