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By Johanne James

Hello my dear friends and how are you? I do hope all is well in these rather strange times.

Anyway, today’s topic is something that we are now all familiar with: Doing Nothing.
Now I am fast becoming an expert in this field. I can get up in a morning and join that ever growing club of the Do Nothingers who get paid for doing nothing! This is fast becoming a phenomenon to the point where it might well become a great feat in going back to work! I’m quite enjoying the time off from screaming kids who are in their element in their favourite activity of misbehaving! And I do mean MISBEHAVING! Anyway, I can get up at any time I choose, go downstairs and make my breakfast, feed the cat. Hang on, I don’t have a cat! Anyway, I can then turn on the TV and watch my favourite Netflix series. But here is where I contradict myself, because all of these things are in fact doing something. To do absolutely nothing means just that, which in itself is impossible, is it not? Other than lying in bed and not even getting up to go to the bathroom is in fact an awful thought! This means that it’s not a case of doing nothing, but doing as I please and when I choose to do as I please!

Lately I have been once again indulging my passion for working with wood, yes, making furniture out of pallet wood. I have just made a desk to go into the office in my place of residence. It means that I can go and practice my beloved instrument as and when I choose and stay as long as I wish, as long as I have my wife’s permission to do so! I can also go to bed when I wish as I don’t have to get up so early in the morning and battle with traffic, spending more time in my car than I do in a classroom! Huh! Here we are all in our element, and those who can now work from home means that they don’t have to get dressed and do as I do and negotiate the morning mayhem, they live and work within a 20 meter radius, sit at a desk and turn on the desktop and, bombs away, we have lift off. I think I got that wrong? Anyway you know what I mean.

This current situation has given us time to evaluate and put into perspective what is and is not important. We can often get so bogged down with things that we believe are important until something like this comes along and makes us ask some serious questions about ourselves. Well I have. Have you?

Thanks for listening, and please enjoy the time we have, for many of us have more past than we do future.

Johanne James

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