By Johanne James


The Drum Stool.
It should be every drummer’s best friend and considering that you’re going to spend the rest of your playing life sitting on one, best pick the most comfortable because in times like these, you don’t know how soft your bum is until it starts going numb! Ouch! I have seen some that look like razor blades. It’s like the old joke, the definition of pain is sliding down a never ending razor blade using your nuts as brakes! That sounds very unpleasant to me let alone painful and sitting on one of these things is as the old joke states…

They haven’t changed much over the years. They still look the same and perform the same function as always. The shape, triangular, rectangular and circular is a matter of choice… I suppose the tech has improved somewhat, as you can now get them with a back rest application, and they have become more and more expensive. The seats themselves now come in so many different colours that you are spoilt for choice. Just close your eyes and pick one. As long as they are sturdy and comfortable, why pay the earth for one? Every drum company will or more than likely have its own range of hardware of which a stool or throne will be a part of. You can even get the application to have the bass drum or sub bass vibrating through it, which may well give you an experience that once felt, never forgotten. Oh dear, whatever next? I have 6 …, yes 6! Why? I don’t know, but I seem to have acquired them over the years. I still have the very first stool I bought when I was 17 and at the beginning of my so-called playing career. I had to have it covered or upholstered so to speak some 12 years ago, but it works very well, so why would I need 6? Truth is, I have no idea!

Thanks for listening.

Johanne James


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