By Johanne James

Hello my fellow drummers out there and how are you?

Drumming Gloves.
You know those things you put over those delicate digits and protect your hands from getting sore? Ahh, there there. There’s nothing worse than playing a 2-hour set in an amount of pain, that’s if the adrenalin doesn’t kick in. Well, the only solution is perhaps wearing gloves, or using gaffer tape, which can be very messy after a while. There are a number of companies out there who will supply you with the necessary items to get you through those difficult moments on stage that you will at least survive and live to play another day. I have used them on many occasions and they have served me well and saved me from very sore mits! The feel is a little strange for if you are used to the feel of wood in your hands then wearing gloves takes a little getting used to, but you do. You can end up relying on them, but that may not be such a bad thing and the only drawback is that you end up getting through a few pairs in a year if you gig on a regular basis. They also stretch, which means you have to adjust your grip to accommodate the stick! To hell with it, you say sometimes and just take the blooming things off and suffer for your art. You’ll pay for it the next day. Another extreme sport, yeah? Okay, maybe not, but they certainly serve their purpose and are not too expensive depending on where you purchase them. I always go online to get the best deal and more often than not I will use Zildjian as they seem to be the hardest wearing, but of course it’s down to personal preference. I was flash once and went for a red pair. Big mistake as everyone thought I’d come to put out the fire! What fire? Lol. Won’t do that again.
So to conclude this little item on how to preserve those precious gifts called hands, use those things commonly known as gloves, or tape, or whatever works for you, you won’t regret it.

Thanks for listening.

Johanne James


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