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By johanne James

Hi there peeps and how are you?

Drumming in high heels?
Are you kidding me? This is going to be a short one! Why would anyone in their right mind want to do that unless you’re Sheila E? She played drums for Prince back in the day and let me tell you, she wasn’t bad at all, for a girl! Lol!
I’ve never tried doing this myself and would more than likely fall on my backside just trying to walk! I must say, some of those shoes were definitely not made for walking let alone playing drums, so why would you? You need to feel the pedals beneath your feet that you have some kind of connection, otherwise you have no control. One cannot be disconnected from one’s instrument!

I haven’t seen anyone in all my years, my tender years dare I say playing in, hang on, tell a lie, Sigue Sigue Sputnik.
Do any of you remember them? They were weird and they didn’t last very long, did they? Where are they now? Can anyone tell me? Probably working in social services and as teaching assistants? My my, life can bite you up the bum when you least expect as they were chosen to be the next big thing! Hmmm.
But there is one thing you can expect from me and that is you’ll never see me playing drums in high heels, as I might find myself with a whole host of new friends, and none of them wanted!

So in closing, we do live in a democracy and if you persist against my reasoning, then may I suggest that you at least wear rubber soles.

Good luck in your HIGH HEELS!

Thank you!

Johanne James


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