By Johanne James

AGHHHHH! Drumsticks!

I have broken so many of these things that I feel personally responsible for the destruction of the rain forest. These items have become more and more expensive over the years, but I don’t see why? You get the same stick for your money and I can’t see where or how they have been made any better. There are so many different sizes, lengths, weights, brands, colours, take your pick. I am currently using a Pro Mark TX747. It’s a beautifully weighted model and long enough that my short arms can reach the cymbals, let alone the toms. I have seen some drumsticks that would require both arms and a crane to operate, whew!
Seeing as I have no sponsor (surprise, surprise) I have to be economical when I purchase these items that don’t last as long as the red house on fire! When you consider how much they cost they should enable you to play a full set and get you home on the last bus, but hell no, they don’t! I suggest you watch this space for furniture made out of broken drumsticks let alone pallets! Something has to give and I would rather break sticks than cymbals, and though I break everything put in front of me it is the lesser of two very evil evils! So many times I’m asked “can I have a drumstick please?”, to which my answer is “do you know how much these things cost? Sorry, can’t help you!” Lighten up! I have been told, but where’s the fun in that? I play hard by nature. My father said I should have been a boxer, at least then I would have made more money knocking people out than knocking drums over. Maybe he was right, but a boxer’s life in the ring is a short one and very painful, so I’ll stick to playing drums for now.
I used to collect all my broken drumsticks, but it got to the point where the garage was getting quite full and unfortunately I had to be rid of them. The aim was to count them all when I had decided to hang up my drumming spurs, so to speak. Not much chance of that I’m afraid, so you guys will have me around for a little longer. Is that a groan I hear?

Thanks for listening.
For those of you who still have your fingers in your ears, it’s safe to take them out now or use earplugs. L.O.L

Johanne James


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