By johanne James

Good day to you all and greetings from sunny England!

Let’s talk about E Bikes.
You know, these electronic things you see around the streets of central and the city of London. Have your credit card at the ready, create an account and off you go. Find the nearest bike depot and the world is your oyster. Do oysters ride bikes? Picture that if you can? They are very handy indeed and a convenient way of getting around the ever more congested streets of this great city. They have a little motor that when you’re tired of peddling you can turn it on and give your aching legs a rest. You must of course watch out for buses, taxis, cars, white van drivers and a host of other dangers that wish to knock you off your E Bike and send you into oblivion! If you survive the day on one of those things you’re a lucky man, or woman. I at one time was a courier and was nearly sent for the dirt nap on 2 very painful occasions ending up in hospital with my arm in plaster and a sign at the end of my bed saying Nil By Mouth and DNR!! Lol!

There are more companies popping up to accommodate the growing number of users and as their popularity grows, central and the city of London may well become pedestrian and cycle zones only which by one point not bad for the environment but highly inconvenient for delivery and taxi drivers. Something for the government to ponder over.

Personally I wouldn’t use one.
As I’m used to traveling at much quicker speeds, they just ain’t fast enough for me! They would get me into trouble and more than likely another visit to the hospital, to which I find the menu to be less than desirable. In fact blooming awful! They do serve a purpose though and a very good one. With the increasing number of cars on the road they are a wonderful alternative and a great way to see any city from this perspective. I’d like to know what the French think? In fact who came up with this idea as it’s very enterprising and I wish I had. The money would keep me in drumsticks and cymbals, but I guess someone beat me to it, again! For any foreign visitor I recommend them highly, and as long as you take them back to the appropriate depot, you’ll be welcome to use them at any time.

But as I said, I much prefer something with a bigger engine that goes like the wind. But for those of you who just want to potter around, they are perfect. So please enjoy your E Bike and I hope you live to tell the tale. Lol.

Thanks for listening.

Johanne James


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