By Johanne James

Hi there people.

Let’s talk about earplugs.
You know, those things you put in your lug holes to stop you from going Mutton! Mutton Geoff. Deaf! I wear them all the time, as I would hate to loose that one sense I rely on most doing what I do. I could never imagine not wearing them, as I have sensitive ears and they must be protected. I hate that ringing sound you get when all is quiet and what you hear is the blood running through your veins and a constant hiss or tone. Tinnitus! What an awful thing to experience, as I wouldn’t wish it on the devil himself. Well I may do, but that’s another column. I can’t understand those who will go to a gig or work in a noisy environment knowing what the consequences are and gradually loose their sense of hearing. Duh! I guess it’s a conscious decision made by those who make them and good luck, for in the future they may well need hearing aids. Once you loose it, that’s it. But then modern technology is such that they can repair almost anything, which blows my previous comment out of the window. Prevention is better than cure, so don’t put yourself in the position that you will need what ever you may need, because you didn’t take precautions all those years ago. Regret can be a mind killer, oh I wish I had taken better care of my hearing back then. Plugs now come in all these pretty colours and shapes and sizes, so for those of you with big lug holes you may have to get them custom made, as one size does not fit all! It’s a lie! They can cost as little as 1 Euro and as much as 2.000 so the world is your oyster, providing of course you don’t have an allergy to shell fish, in which case you are in a whole mess of trouble! Is it seen as a sign of strength that one doesn’t wear earplugs. Earplugs, they are for wimps! Me, I never wear them! You may wish you had. So in closing, please please, please protect your hearing. It is also a consequence as to why I play so loud, so I’ve been told anyway. I hit that little bit harder to be heard.
Go and have a great time listening to your favourite band and also take your plugs with you, you won’t regret it. Pardon? I said you won’t regret it. Sorry, I didn’t hear you? I said, oh never mind.

Thanks for listening, for those who can hear me anyway.
Johanne James


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