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By Johanne James

Hello my dear readers and how are you?

My topic of the day is Excitement of the unknown.
Do you know what the future holds? If I had a crystal ball I’d tell you and make myself a very healthy living indeed. We go into the future with hope and a little bit of trepidation. We fear the unknown as most of our dramas are based on fear, and mainly a fear of loss! And what do we have to lose? Possessions, life, health and wealth. The future may hold something quite different indeed, an unimaginable change.

As you know life can throw us a curve ball that we obviously didn’t see coming and BANG! A life changing experience. And though we may look to the unknown future with which ever eye we may choose, excitement or caution, you’ll only know once you get there, and once you get there, it’s up to you for the window of opportunity only stays ajar for a limited time. Dare I say do not regret the choices you make and the chances you take, there is a second chance.

Enjoy and thanks for listening.

Johanne James

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