By Johanne James

Hi all and how are you?

Extreme sports.
Any of you out there ever tried or engaged in any? I did and ouch, it cost me dearly. I have participated in a number of high velocity contact sports over the years, but the hardest was ICE HOCKEY! It’s the greatest and fastest team sport there is. The skill level is incredible and you have to be stupidly fit to even stay upright on your skates, let alone handle the puck, knowing that your opponent of some 6ft 6 inches weighing in at a massive 16 stone is going to turn you into porridge. Hmm, painful indeed! There is always a price to pay when indulging in these activities, for later on when the body decides to call it a day, you may well spend the next few years and possibly a fair amount of your hard earned wonga trying to bring your body back to some kind of normality. I once saw a man tightrope across the Twin Towers and unfortunately his name escapes me. Google it? Travis Pastrana, an extreme motor crosser, rode his bike off a cliff, then some way down and THEN decided to open his chute! My heart was in my mouth! Now can you honestly call these sports or just acts of shear madness? Is base jumping an extreme sport? You tell me! Boxing is. Over 300 fighters have died in the past 25 years, and that’s under the supervision of the medical profession. And don’t even mention Muay Thai, for they have been unregulated for some time. I thought competitive sports had an opponent, someone to test your skills against, like MMA. Again ouch! Skiing down a mountain with an abundance of snow at your heels. Well, the bravery needed to challenge these obstacles is obscene! Free climbing with no rope and only a pocketful of chalk is insane! What are the chances of surviving a fall of some 200 feet? Not much, but the confidence one must have in their ability must be boundless! I’m afraid of heights, so you won’t see me doing that any time soon for I am a devoted coward, hence why I have lived so long. Lol. These are just some of the examples of sports that many have taken part in, but there are so many more.
Remember there is always a price to pay for whatever we do and as long as we are willing to pay it, then please be careful, whatever you/we do. Until the next time, don’t get broken!

Thanks for listening.

Johanne James


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