Facial Hair

by Johanne James

Hello all,

Aren’t you fed up of me ranting by now? Oh well here I go again.

Facial hair seems like some men must use a special fertilizer on their beards to make grow with such alacrity. We have seen the return to an era when beards were very fashionable, not only beards but their designs too. I’ve never been one for facial hair myself simply because I couldn’t grow one. A beard that is. The fact remains that we now see some people who resemble Lumber Jacks, for want of a better description. But, in saying that, some of them do look cool and are very much suited to those who know how to don their growth, so to speak, add a dash of colour and off you go! While others, well let’s just say, it’s hard enough to see their faces amidst all that undergrowth! They can also hide a multitude of sins and provide a wonderful disguise, if you wish to hide a multitude of sins of course. Now for those of us who don’t follow the fashion trends or for those of you who have no desire to shave the said facial growth, lazy that is, good on you. I have seen some beards that would more than likely look better on the top of the head rather than the bottom. Yes, they do make some men look as if their heads are upside down! Now that is unfortunate, but it can provide a source of amusement.

Yes, we all take pleasure in the suffering of others, not that this is suffering but I digress. As we are all individuals we have the basic human right to be what we want, look the way we choose and live our lives according to the laws of … erm??? The word escapes me, what I’m trying to say is that bearded or not, styles and fashions come and go and things go in circles and cycles. I’m just waiting to see when facial hair becomes the exception and not the rule.

Peace my friends.



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