By Johanne James

Hello again,

Are you not fed up with me rambling on? Okay, the topic of conversation is FANS.

I can tell you that some bands I have played in have had less fans than band members! Go figure? How hard is it to build a solid fan base, those die hard follow you to hell and back cronies who live by what you say and do. Those who will buy what ever you write and produce, even if it’s a Mongolian nursery rhyme they will know all the words and sing along quite happily. It seems they always follow someone else and not you, or us as the case may be. We, Kyrbgrinder that is, played at a festival in North Wales over the weekend of 28/5/16, spent nearly all day travelling only to be told that the bands had over run by some twenty minutes and that we would be on closer to midnight. This didn’t bode well as the crowd was dwindling rapidly and consequently nobody stayed to watch, not even the other bands. No matter as we still put on a good show for the sound engineer and promoter. As many have experienced as soon as a band have finished they leave taking their fans with them and they may never know what they have missed by not staying, even out of curiosity to see what they may enjoy, but they’ll never know.
What is it one has to do to retain a loyal fan base? Offer them incentives, bribes we call them. LOL. Anyway the truth is that people have short memories these days and unless you are constantly in the public eye you will be forgotten in a microsecond. There will always be those who love music and as long as there is live music there will be fans of those whose music they love! For you fans out there, enjoy it while you can for who is to say how long it will last?

Thanks for listening.

Johanne James


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