By Johanne James


What is fear?
What do we fear most? Why do we fear? These are questions I have asked myself on many occasions and couldn’t come up with a rational answer. We fear loss most of all. Loss of life, health, wealth, love, possessions you name it. Fear can be irrational, for when you find that it was an illusion you then ask yourself, what was I so afraid of? Franklin D Roosevelt once said there is nothing to fear than fear itself, and now we fear there is not enough fear. Red alert for the terrorist is at your door. Sorry, it was just my cat scratching at the cat flap. We have these fears driven into us these days, for we are told the world is an evil place! What constitutes evil? What men do to others? Are we so disconnected from humanity that our conscience is so abandoned that our capacity for cruelty is boundless? Pain! We inflict this commodity on others with joy; therefore we mistrust our neighbours and ourselves. I used to be afraid of the dark, of dogs and the unknown. Now I embrace it! We fear violence and the loss of control of our lives, and the blackness of death itself, that thing that will engulf us all at some point, for in this life no one gets out alive! We fear the loss of freedom, our liberties are being eroded but you won’t know until it’s too late! The truth is what we really have to fear, only one another! You have my sympathy.

Thanks for listening.

Johanne James


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