Threshold Clone


By Johanne James

Hi there my friends and how have you been this week? Good, I hope?

Then let me begin.
How many of you have bought a shirt of your favourite band and how many of you actually remember the first band shirt you bought? Trust me, I don’t, and besides what would it matter? There are some rather nice logos you can sport, but there are some designs that I have found to be quite demonic (satanic)! That is of course if you believe in he who inhabits the place where the elevator says ‘going down’! Personally, I’d rather be on the elevator going up but then, I wouldn’t know anybody up there as all my mates are down below hence, up may well be a very lonely place indeed, but I digress! Sorry for the rambling, man. Get it? No? I’m wasted here. I have had some rather beautiful shirts in the past by bands I can’t even recollect.

But I must say that my favourite to this date has to be… 
Wait for it (Drum Roll) (Tish!), now I am being biased here, but it was Clone, Threshold. I know I know, I hear you, but you play in the band, don’t you! It represented for me how man can create such horrors in a lab and unleash them upon an unsuspecting public! Mwha ha ha ha ha. In reality it just resonated with me, but unfortunately I no longer have it. Things get lost in transit and in transit things get lost. They are no longer in production, so if anyone out there is kind and generous enough to let me have one, medium please, then I will be more than appreciative.

Buying these shirts does help to keep bands afloat as you know, so for all of you who do purchase them I salute you for your support and I would imagine so do they, the bands that is. Every little helps. In truth, what ever shirt you may buy, love and wear, they do serve but one purpose, and that is they keep the wind off your back.

Thanks for listening and wear them with pride.

Johanne James



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