By Johanne James

Hi there!

Let’s talk about first dates.
Not the ones you eat, silly! The ones you go on with that man or woman of your dreams. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so be on your best behaviour until you get home. Then you can be yourself again!
Oh dear, is that what we have been reduced to, being someone else to accommodate someone you’re with for those few hours? It must be very uncomfortable under that thin veneer! Everybody wants to be somebody, but nobody wants to be themselves. We all want to be loved, I think, well at least I’d like to think so. Don’t we? Anyway, you get the jitters thinking he or she may not like what you wear or whatever, you get my drift?

Have you noticed the proliferation of dating sites?
So many to choose from. All those lonely hearts looking for somewhere to rest or find their soul mate. As you can imagine it’s possible to find them anywhere, and I do mean anywhere! You may find love in the strangest places, including dating sites. Lol. How many of those first dates were unsuccessful, how many flopped, only to realise that the person you met wasn’t what you’re looking for? I don’t wanna see her again! Or him for that matter! Then again, you may hit it off and hey presto, you have a second date, and a third, and a fourth. Do you see a pattern emerging here? Having to get to know someone within a limited amount of time can be overwhelming to say the least. Having to find common ground, a subject to converse about. Not easy, is it? Or is it? I guess that’s what dating sites are for. You can basically vet whom it is you would like to meet, find that compatibility and move on to the level of the relationship.

Blind dates, now there’s a one!
You know the horror stories. He was a pig, she was a cow and so on and so on. The saying is, a man chases a woman until she catches him! Heaven help me, I’ve been duped all along. Anyway, the point is one must enjoy being themselves whomever you may meet on a first date, because you will never be able to hide whom you truly are for ever. To know me is to live with me and to live with me is to treat me with contempt! There are two things in this solar system of ours that you cannot hide. One is the sun and one is the truth, especially about yourself!

Good luck on your first or last date and let’s hope that we will all be accepted for whom we are and not wear a mask to hide or to please that person you may think is heaven, for it may turn out rather differently.

Thanks for listening.

Johanne James


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