by Johanne James

Hey there!

Now we are all a fan of touring, are we not?
Well, at least I hope so. All those motorway service stations just waiting to take your hard earned cash with overpriced muffins, coffee and other sugary delights. Many of us have frequented burger bars, kebab houses and of course your Chinese and Indian take away! More like take away the lining of your stomach if you’re not careful.Well, you can’t imagine what it’s like for a vegan vegetarian like myself, and more often than not traveling through Europe can be a bit of a pain. Of course if I decided to re educate my palate, and my stomach, to down a diet of sugar, salt, fat and radiation. Anyway, most mornings I will be greeted by your customary selection of cheeses, hams and salamis, unless you of course, pre order your breakfast and obtain something that is slightly more digestible than animal products! Eastern Europe, now there’s a challenge. I was once asked if I was crazy for not eating meat. I replied????, which means not yet where I come from, but I’m working on it. 

There are some places that just don’t cater for Vegans!
What do you mean, you don’t eat meat? How about some chicken then? Yes, I have been asked that question too. I believe things are getting better though, as venues have been trying very hard to accommodate by not only giving me what I can only describe as unidentified vegetation, tomato and paprika paste and pasty white bread that you could shine a light through. It’s not a case of MY BODY IS A TEMPLE! It’s a case of, if I eat that, I’m going to be ill! Food on the road can be a challenge, but it only takes a little bit of thought and imagination So believe me, it’s much easier than you think, when you consider that you may well spend half of your life touring, and you want to be at your best!  Always!
Peace my friends and for all you vegans out there, today Europe, tomorrow the world!

Mwah ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Thanks for listening!

Johanne James 


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