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By Johanne James

Good day to you one and all. I hope you are all well and had a good week.

Today’s topic is freedom.
We are free to do as we are told. But what does freedom actually mean? It means that your freedom is actually restricted. You’re certainly not free to walk into any country you please. There are restrictions that mean you have to have the correct papers to do so. One has to jump through hoops to find freedom. To be truly free means that you have to live outside the boundaries of conventional society. But if you drop off the grid you then become ostracized. You then become an outcast. Many have done it before and are still ridiculed. One does not have to live by the laws to conventional society, but it doesn’t mean that you live outside the laws of conventional society.

In this so-called democracy that we live in we are offered certain choices. You are free to choose whom you marry, what race they are from and what colour skin they inhabit. But you are not free to take whatever you want, not without asking anyway. Then it is to someone else’s discretion to decide whether you are free to make that choice. Hence the confines of freedom are insane. Freedom is an illusion. An illusion that we have bought into. Freedom is a con. Have you seen how many cameras there are propping up to survey your freedom? If your behaviour is deemed somewhat unorthodox then I can guarantee you that the Freedom Police will be knocking on your door. Best I be careful what I write here now, for the next time I write a column I may be doing it from the confines of a prison cell. So much for freedom. We fight to be free. We fight for the right to choose the way we live. But it seems our choices are gradually reduced. And sometimes the only choices you have are bad ones.

Thanks for listening.

Johanne James



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