By Johanne James

Hi there.

Gigs is the subject of this particular column.
Do you have any idea as to how hard it is to get gigs these days without a reputable agent or good management of which we have neither and consequently go through long periods of inactivity, meaning that you lose momentum and your fan base. People are so fickle that you are forgotten in a microsecond. I know I have covered this subject before in a previous column, but I’m here to remind you once more!
We, Kyrbgrinder that is, had an agent who shall remain nameless. He wanted a £200.00 per month retainer for 6 months, I had worked with him before and trusted him as he did get us some descent shows without asking for a retainer. I must add I only paid for 2 months, but nothing was forthcoming! Nothing at all for the whole year, but he wasn’t afraid to send his invoice to which I replied, “Where are the shows”? His answer was “Well, I have sent out emails, but no one has gotten back to me as yet”. You know you have to invest, was his answer. You mean pay to play, you mean pay you to play! Anyway, I could go on, but he has long since gone and I’m sure he doesn’t think too highly of me and so be it, as that works both ways! Lol. 

Young bands starting out may well have the same trouble in finding venues that will take them on, but how does one get to the next rung of the ladder?
Hard work? We have worked hard and still doing so means that the small venues may or may not employ us for the poultry sum they wish to pay. It means nothing to be a good band, because we do not live in a meretricious society, as you know it’s whom and not what you know. At this moment in time we have no shows, as most venues have no desire to talk to the lowest common denominator, meaning musicians. And besides, musicians now have to be lawyers, agents, managers and a host of other roles and it seems that playing music is a small detail. We should by rights leave the administration to the administrators and let musicians do what we do best, and that’s play music, but there are few people whom can be trusted. So many are looking for a quick earning and you have often heard the horror stories. Is it so hard to do what you love doing without the complications of all the other obstacles that inhibit us from doing? So if there any good and honest agents out there who are willing to take on a band like Kyrbgrinder, do not hesitate to contact us on our Facebook page. 

Thanks for listening. And thanks for your help!

Johanne James


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