By Johanne James

Hi there,

Golf, “The perfect way to spoil a good walk”, said one Winston Churchill.
Why would anyone spend that much time hitting a ball only to go chasing after it? To be honest, it is quite addictive, seeing as I myself have spent hours on a golfing range or on a 9 or 18 hole course. It’s good to be out there in the fresh air and indeed having a good walk. It can be fun. But the hardest thing to do with a golf ball is hit it in a straight line. So many times have I so-called topped it only to see it travel no more than 3 meters. It can be the most frustrating game ever played by us mere mortals. I often wonder, how on earth did the likes of the greats do it, namely a certain Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus? You need the patience of a saint and more as that darn ball has a mind of its own, you just try putting where you would like? AGHHH! Anyway, when you see it done by those who can do it, it can take on another dimension. When I may do an 18 hole course in some 130 shots, they will come in under par, meaning if a course is meant to be played in 68 shots, the pro’s will do it in 60, hence he has completed the course taking less shots. Confused? Well I was, but it’s simple maths really.

So many people find it boring, as I used to, until I started to play.
And you can spend an awful lot of money joining a club. What? Me? Join a golf club? You must be kidding! They wouldn’t let me through the front door! I tried once, ha, never again! Clubs, shoes, bags, jumpers, trousers can all cost a fortune and to be honest I just played for fun, but I haven’t picked up a 9 iron in years. I just may do one day to see if I can still put the ball where I want to, and that would be anywhere near the hole and in a straight line. There are so many obstacles to be avoided; water, trees, sand pits, take your pick, because getting in is easy, but getting out is another story. I can tell you from first-hand experience I nearly snapped my clubs in two out of anger! Buddha be with you, peace be with you. If you decide to partake in this pastime, I suggest you invest in an abundance of patience, you’ll need it, trust me.

Thanks for listening and happy swinging. And putting.

Johanne James



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