By Johanne James

Hello there and how are you, my friends.

Horoscope. How many of you read them on a daily basis? I thought so. Is it mumbo jumbo, satanic, pure superstition or coincidence? I am not one to belittle what one may believe in, so I won’t comment.
I did once upon a time read them daily and saw that they were quite significant or was it just coincidence? There is something in them for everyone, as it seems that if you cast your net wide enough you are bound to reel in the details that you can identify with. Personally I don’t read them anymore, as I don’t want to live via what I may read in a tabloid paper. Recently I had a card reading done and what this person was telling me, well, I couldn’t even look him in the eye, but I won’t divulge the content as he may well be reading this column. Oh no, I see a lawsuit on the horizon! Let me just say that I was embarrassed for the guy, therefore I couldn’t face him. To have your future told can be scary if you take on board what has been said and you can then bring about the same chain of events you’re trying to avoid. What you resist will persist! Be careful what you wish for, especially if you read it in a paper. How is it that one person’s view can be seen by so many as to what is going on in their lives. Yes, that’s me, that’s me! A dear friend went to see a psychic, as there were issues they wanted resolved, hence this person seemed to tell my friend exactly what I suppose she wanted to hear. The frightening thing was, she was also told things this person couldn’t have known or discovered anywhere! Go figure?
Whatever you read, believe, see or hear, remember the universe is one huge copying machine and whatever you ask for, please be careful, as it is uncompromising and will throw things in your way when you least expect it. Good luck. You have my sympathy.

Johanne James


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