By Johanne James

Hey there!

Let’s talk about hotel rooms.
Don’t they all look the same? Check in, check out, and breakfast from 7 am till 10 am. They all have the necessary requirements that one will need for a short stay. I like to leave them, as I would find them, clean and tidy. But there have been some that would cry out for a chemist to analyse what bacteria may lurk in all four corners of the room. They are a hive of activity for creatures unknown that inhabit the very bed you sleep on or in. Nice, not! The shower/bathrooms all seem to have the same layout. I have been in some, as we all have, that I would rather forget and some that I would easily trade in my favourite possessions for. I must say that I got kicked out of one in France. Not surprising really. I guess he didn’t like the look of me and thought that I was about to trash his precious items. Rock and roll!!!
What can one say about them? They serve a purpose for those transients, those who are just passing through. Some are costly while others, well, let’s just say they ain’t worth the price of the admission. The best I have found, if I may mention, so far have got to be the Travelodge and Premier Inns. They are very reasonably priced, clean, comfortable and there are many of them scattered around. It’s just a case of personal preference. So in closing let me say that wherever you stay, just sleep on it and enjoy.

Thanks for listening.

Johanne James


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