By Johanne James

Hello again.

Humour is the topic or my thought for the day.
It’s important to have a good sense of it, otherwise life can and would be so dull. God has a great sense of humour; he must have when he made the Duck Billed Platipus! It has to be the strangest animal on the planet. It was as though the good lord himself took all the spare parts he could find and put them together, adding a little bit of fur for good measure. Failing that in second place, the Nautilus and in third, yes you guessed correctly, us. It’s so important to laugh, as it has been medically proved to do one so much good. So how much do you laugh during the course of your working day? I laugh most of the time, as the environment I work in I have no choice, as the children themselves are a constant source of amusement. I have known many a practical joker that have gotten me into so much trouble I dare not mention, but in the end looking back it was very funny indeed. I know now that your curiosity is getting the better of you and you now want to know what it was that was so intensely funny. Best I not tell you as you may well call the cops and have me banged up!
What is it about life that we must take so seriously when I would imagine that most of the world’s ills could be solved with a good joke. Just look at the politicians who have power over us. Now there you go, therefore we must have a sense of humour to let them do so. They are, or most of them are a living joke! It could be that where someone’s humour begins another’s may end, so I would be careful as to whom you choose to take for a ride. Remember, every silver lining has its cloud and no good deed goes unpunished. Laugh, love and live!

Enjoy your day and live to laugh!

Johanne James


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