By Johanne James

Good day dear readers and how are you this week?
I do hope once again that you are holding up under the current situation.

Anyway. May I ask have any of you out there ever been the victim of Internet fraud?
I nearly fell for it, it’s a good thing there’s a thing called nearly, a dear lady once told me. I got a text message from PayPal saying there was something wrong with my account and that it had to be sorted immediately! I began to panic and started to fill in my details. It then hit me that PayPal don’t have my mobile number and that I would receive an email. I was very lucky not to have gone ahead and fill in all the relevant information that whomever it was behind the scam would have cleaned out my account and had a good laugh at my expense!

One has to be very careful indeed with websites looking very official and convincing.
Many have fallen foul to these scams, people whom have said they would never fall prey to them. People have lost thousands of pounds to these unscrupulous villains. They have no conscience and their only aim is to line their pockets that will enable them to drive around in fancy cars or feed other unsavoury habits!

What is it that we have to look out for that we don’t fall foul to them?
How careful can we be not to feel that sense of terrible loss and invasion? The suffering and stress it causes is unfathomable and may take a good while to get over, if one ever does get past this kind of thing. But let us take pride in saying that we live long enough never to make the same mistake twice. Pain is the greatest teacher and the pain of loss is even greater.

Take care, stay healthy and thanks for listening.

Johanne James 

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