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By johanne James

Hello there my dear friends. And for those of you who are, your cheques are in the post.

Welcome to just another week.
Have you not noticed as to how quickly they seem to be going? You ask yourself, where did the time go? As we race to oblivion how much time do we spend doing the things we enjoy? And as the weeks go by that turn into months, years, our lives are also racing away and before you know it, some guy in a black suit and white collar is reading your obituary to a bunch of people who didn’t even like you! Well, mine anyway, but that’s another topic for the future, providing I have one?

There is a scientific explanation as to why time is speeding up, but I can’t remember. Hours, days, weeks, months and years seem to merge into one another, becoming a blur of what is then just a moment. You then you ask yourself, what did I do last week, and even the children ask the same question. That week went by faster than a man riding a stolen motorcycle.
Just another week of what was done the week before, and before that and so on. We need a little bit of variety to at least give us the illusion of being alive, thus culminating in going home with a smile on your face and a story to tell of your exploits and adventures. Just another week of monotony, just another week of the repetitive, the treadmill and mundane. But some are very lucky indeed. Some weeks of the year I can wake up in a different country every morning. The street signs look as if they were written by a dyslexic Jupitarian. Not that I’ve ever met one and I doubt that anyone has.

What would you change about the coming week? What would you do if you were given the opportunity to just do as you pleased, and time is of no consequence, yours to do as you choose? Answers on a postcard please.
The good thing is that at least with the weeks being as they are, you know what to expect and you can plan, though time can be unpredictable and throw you a curve ball that bites you up the bum, when you least expect it! Ouch! I know exactly what to expect from the coming weeks and I shall embrace them, knowing the future can be comforting in some ways for they will become a memory, as will all things. What will be your lasting memory of the coming week? Then it’s best to make some that are worth remembering and if they aren’t, then they are best forgotten.

Thanks for listening and have a good week.

Johanne James


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