By Johanne James

Greetings all!

Do you remember the 80’s when some of those hairstyles were so out there?
Well, looking back at them now they were, but at the time you thought, wow I look good! Shoulder pads, sleeveless shirts, puffed up hair, the hell you did! Therefore you now hide the photos of what once was and to your horror here comes social media to remind you of a time you’d rather forget! Or would you?

I remember the 80’s fondly.
Though I wasn’t a big fan of some of the music. A Flock Of Seagulls, The Cure or Bow Wow Wow. But there were some greats, Elvis Costello to name one. And luckily I don’t have any of those embarrassing pics that others can blackmail you with. Listening back now the music to my ears sounds so dated, but there you go and then again I guess it all depends on who’s listening. Every generation will have its moments to look back on and wonder, did we really do that? No how could we? Don’t you look so young in that pic and what on earth were you thinking wearing that outfit? Those were comments I heard so many times that if I had a pound for each time I did, I’d be a very wealthy man and wouldn’t have to scrape a living as a ???? Use your imagination.

It was the time when the first Terminator movie came out,1984.

And I thought to myself, does it get any more scary? Think, you could send a robot back in time to either kill or protect you. I’m sure many of you would send a robot back to correct that hairstyle, right? I wouldn’t wish the 80’s back, but I’m also glad to have lived through and remember them as many I had known weren’t so lucky. I must ask, do any of you have any articles to commemorate those days? I do, loads! But I dare not say what they are as you will definitely think less of me than you already do. I had a wonderful time during that period and though they weren’t my best years I thank all of those who were there to enjoy them with me.

Long live the 80’s!

Thanks for listening.

Johanne James



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