By Johanne James

Hi there.

Man caves.
I love them as I have one myself. It’s a sanctuary from those moments of anxiety and there I will stay for hours on end creating and doing whatever comes to mind and enjoying every microsecond spent indulging my thoughts. For those of you men out there who have one you know exactly what I’m talking about and indeed revel in the getaway, and get away from what will cause you to escape there in the first place! What I do in mine is craft old pallet wood into useful household objects, many of which have now ended up in a craft shop waiting for some unsuspecting customer to cast his or her eye and say, “I could do with one of those as it will go very nicely in the living room“, ha ha ha! And there we go, money for old wood! And like a ripple these things expand into a little cottage industry, as that’s how these things are born, out of a shed, most of the time anyway, I think. Many a wonderful invention has come from those who have hidden themselves away in their so-called man caves. Away from the cacophony of an unruly household. Or not?

Why are they so important?
Do women have their equivalent? In which case they not be caves, but more than likely dens. Or am I being sexist or even misogynist, in which case I do apologize. Moving on, if there are any wonderful ladies out there who can tell me if they have a den or what ever they may call it of their own, and would indulge me in telling me what you do in there, I will be very grateful indeed. So, we all need those places where the trials of life and the eternal universe cannot reach us. For there we escape into a plethora of activity or inactivity as the case may be, as we are not obliged to go in there and create, for we can just relax and let our minds be free. They are freedom, but unlike a motorcycle, they won’t cost you your life, only time!
Thanks for listening and enjoy your caves/spaces or dens.

Peace my friends.

Johanne James



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