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By Johanne James

Good day dear reader and how are you? I must say that we are having a spate of wonderful weather, wouldn’t you say? Well, at least the rain is happy!

Anyway, today I’m going to talk about that fashion accessory for the male sex. Manbags!
Now not wanting to be left out of the fashion world, someone has decided to give us this item that we are now in competition with our female counterparts. I know they have been around for centuries, but somewhere along the way we had given them the Spanish archer, El Bow, and it wasn’t seen as manly to be carrying or wearing one. Would you say wear? We can now carry our, well whatever we now choose to carry in our hand, sorry manbags. I must confess I do have one and they are quite convenient. I now no longer have to stuff my best combat trousers with all the gumph I need to carry with me. I am not however going to disclose the contents of my bag, so don’t ask! They come in all sizes and colours and even shapes and materials. A little backpack wouldn’t go amiss either, but they don’t look as sophisticated. The Threshold sound engineer has one that is very good indeed, made somewhere in Germany, if my memory serves me well, which it doesn’t at the best of times, and I can’t for the life of me remember the make! What I do remember is that it was very expensive, indeed! Help me out, David? It also came with a wallet, which was unusual and it also had a pouch that was detachable, very nice.

I have gone for something simple and not too ostentatious, as I have no wish to attract any unwanted attention! Okay, it’s black leather from a market somewhere in Northampton and it’s great. But my greatest concern is losing the damn thing which I haven’t, hence I haven’t used it as much recently as I’ve gone to using a small pouch type which holds my keys, wallet, phone and specs, you know, just the bits I’ll need for the day. Did I not say I wasn’t going to reveal the contents of my bag, well there you go, the secret is out!
So in closing I would like to say that they are a great help as bulging pockets are no longer the theme of the day. I had a small brown satchel at primary school and they have made a comeback, as they are so trendy now, but somehow don’t have that old school look, but they may do after a few years of abuse! I love em, so guys, wear them with pride, but always keep the contents a closely guarded secret! You wouldn’t want to be making your partners curious, or envious, would you?

Thanks for listening.

Johanne James


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