Meet And Greet

By Johanne James

Hello there and let’s talk about The Meet And Greet.
One thing we musicians have to remember is to respect our fans, for without them there wouldn’t be anybody to play to or buy our merch or to idolise us! So please treat them with the utmost kindness. Anyway, I can’t tell you how many times I have had to sign albums, T-shirts, CD’s and a host of other bits and bobs that sometimes resemble, well, I’ll leave it to your imagination. So many questions they have for you, but it’s always good for them to meet the bands they have known and loved for so long. I can guess that sometimes it’s a bit of a disappointment as some of us can be, let’s say a little unpleasant, but I shall say no more on that subject. To be upgraded into the VIP-section of a club is often someone’s dream come true. But please, we are only human and have many flaws, so don’t expect too much as it is a curse of the creative mind to be WEIRD or worse! Hmm. Anyway, a picture here, a picture there to be held for all eternity in the annals of one’s photo album. Ring any bells for anyone? No? Sure? Then I shall continue. Memories will be all they have of a moment in time that they will hold dear for as long as they live, so let us make these moments special for each and every person we meet. We have touched the lives of many and have meant so much to so many that we take for granted that when we come off stage we often only think of how the gig affected us and not them. What we may think was a substandard performance was more than likely the best gig they have ever seen. This is living, for life often gets in the way of living and on stage we come alive and so do they. What does it mean to someone to be backstage and see how the machine works? Magic I was once told, pure magic! Now there’s an upgrade for you. Even more so when they meet you. So for fear of repeating myself, when we meet our fans in any situation treat them as how you would like to be treated and let as many into that so-called VIP-lounge as possible. For as you know, if it were not for them we wouldn’t be!

Thanks for listening. Long live the VIP-lounge, upgrades and Rock & Roll. Of course!

Johanne James


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