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By Johanne James

Hello all.

Let’s talk about the Metal Cruise.

Now last year we, Threshold that is, went on 70000tons Of Metal and by golly it was fantastic, apart from the 9 hour flight from London to the USA of course, but don’t let that put you off. Once we had arrived at our hotel it was just a case of getting on board the ship or liner the next morning, finding our cabins and sailing away. And for the next four days it was pure heaven! From Florida to Jamaica we sailed and oh, I nearly forgot, we played two shows, one on the Thursday night we left and the other on the Saturday night on the way back. As I stared out over the vast blue yonder I did on a couple of occasions have to pinch myself as to where I actually was. Was I dreaming under the heat of the sun? Hell no! It was a wonderful experience that I cannot praise highly enough and would recommend to anyone. All the meals were free and all you had to pay for was alcohol and smokes of which I do neither, so I had a great time. I must mention Deck 11, the buffet bar. More or less every dish you could ask or wish for, hot or cold, sweet or savoury. I must admit I did make a bit of a pig of myself, but who cares?
Once we had docked in Jamaica, Ocho Rios, I disembarked and had a good walk around the town. There I was still pinching myself thinking, any minute now my alarm will go off and I’ll be late for work on a cold wet Monday morning, but it didn’t. So I enjoyed each breath and step I took. To be honest the shows we did were a minor detail in comparison to the rest of the experience, but in saying that the facilities were such that you more than likely wouldn’t find better venues anywhere else on the planet. The one thing I did find a little disturbing was the rocking of the boat whilst on stage. Oh dear, are we going to capsize? No! So in closing I must say that if you do get the opportunity to go on one of these cruises, I suggest you take it and hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.
Captain, Iceberg ahead!

Thanks for listening.
Johanne James

Header photo credit: Eus Straver 


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