By Johanne James

Hello my friends and I do hope you have all had a good week?

Fabulous, then let me begin.

My best friend. We have all had them from nursery to adulthood. And some of us are lucky enough to still be in touch with them all these years later.
I have a group of buddies with whom I have grown up and have known for most of my life. I have seen them marry, have children who have then had children of their own. Seen them live through bad times and good. We would go out and dance at night clubs, try to woo the gentler sex with some BS, trying to get a kiss or a fondle of some description, only to go and spill the beans later, so to speak, and score points. Well, come on, what do you expect teenage boys with more testosterone than there are pebbles on a beach to do? Lol. What would we do without a best friend, or friends? I don’t imagine that there would be a lot to do, unless one is happy to be in one’s own company. But one must ask the question, in a world full of some 7 billion people, why would or how could one be so alone?

I had a best friend at primary school with whom I lost touch with when he moved away, and from that day, I never saw him again! Isn’t that just what we do, when others move, they seem to take all that was with them. More often than not, in my case anyway, I very rarely hear from them again as life takes them on a different path, or are they trying to tell me something? Lol. Over the years I have had the honour of meeting some absolutely wonderful human beings and I only wish I had the time for them all, but that of course is not a realistic expectation, so I have to be very selective, as we should be, whom we let into our inner circles! Whom do we trust with our secrets? A very wise old lady once told me, if you want to keep a secret, do not tell your friends, for what ever you do, don’t tell anyone!

You can count the best friends you have had in a lifetime on the fingers of one hand, and life is so short, for at this moment I have more years behind me than I do ahead of me, so the best friends I have now and whom I have known for all these years will be there always. I hope. Friends beside you and friends to guide you. People come and go in and out of our lives. Some whom we can connect with and others we cannot. Some stay for a moment and others will stay forever, some leave an impression and others are forgotten in a microsecond!

I must say a special thanks to a special friend, The V&DRS whom I do believe sent me this quote.

The Lesson
Not everyone you love will stay
Not everyone you trust will be loyal
Some people only exist as examples of what to avoid.
Here’s to my best friends whom I thank for your trust and loyalty.

Thank you.

Johanne James



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