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By Johanne James

Hello my friends and how are you this week?

Do you have a favourite YouTube channel? No, I didn’t think so, but I do. I think? Or should I say channels?
You know, boxing, ice hockey, football, history, politics and historical documentaries and so on and on. I was once told that I spend too much time on these channels to which my reply was, “No my dear, I don’t spend enough”!

Truth is, there are so many channels to choose from that you can be spoiled for choice. I have to wonder, does Google monitor what you watch and then feed it to you, hence they know what you want before you know it yourself? Hmm, if someone is carefully scrutinizing your viewing, it’s best you be careful for Big Brother is watching you! One can spend hours filtering through the debris to find whatever it is you’re looking for, and then, ah ha, you find something else that grabs your attention which then leads to something else, then you’re hit by an avalanche of information, or anything else that you may be looking for, or not? If there’s anything you want to find, there’s a 90% chance you’ll find it on YouTube. From the obscure to the obvious, someone has put it there for your convenience.

I was once looking for something that was so obscure that I thought, no it won’t be here, a programme from my childhood, but low and behold there it was. Do any of you remember Noggin The Nog? I am going back to when Noah built the Arc! It took me back, but I won’t say how far, oops, I think I already did? Anyway, Noah didn’t have the benefit of YouTube, and if he did, what would he watch? I know, The Ten Commandments, a rerun with Antony Quinn and Charlton Heston. Yes, I can see them now sitting on a sand dune with a carton of salted popcorn. “Oi Noah, don’t hog it all, share the taste”. “Bugger off Charlton, get your own”. I see a confrontation building here, so I think we’ll leave them to it. Enjoy the movie lads, and play nice now! I won’t tell you what I spend most of my time sifting through and indulging myself with/in, but what I will tell you is that it is most absorbing. So much that I do spend hours, and I do mean hours listening and watching, even to the point that I go to sleep listening to one of my favourite channels. It’s somewhat soothing hearing a voice lull you off to sleep, providing it’s not too stimulating that it ends up having the adverse effect and keeps you up all night. Now I must admit, that has happened, on many an occasion, so now I have learned my lesson, nothing too stimulating before bedtime!

So whatever it is you’re looking for, whether it be sport, news or reality TV, you’ll find it here on YouTube. It only leaves for me to say, happy Tubing and enjoy, I do.

Thanks for listening.

Johanne James


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