Nice day


By Johanne James

Ahhh: My perfect day off.

Oh hello, me again. I was just enjoying my perfect day off when I was interrupted by having to write this column!
Anyway, I enjoy doing as little as possible; otherwise what’s the point of having a day off. I am spoiled for choice when it comes down to it, so I choose not to decide and just enjoy doing nothing and not feel guilty about it! So many people say, I haven’t done a thing all day and good for you too as that’s the whole point of it! Do nothing and don’t feel guilty, you may well have earned it. I will say this, I love making furniture from pallet wood. I know, I know, I hear you saying, I thought you said you enjoyed doing nothing and I do, but that doesn’t stop me from being creative and when the mood hits me there’s no going back.
Now I’m curious as to what others do, and you can send in your comments if you choose to HBLS. Yeah go ahead, as I would like to know what others get up to. If it was up to me the whole world would work 4 days a week, 4 hours a day. There is so much that technology can do for us that we would have time to enjoy and develop ourselves into well-balanced, productive, loving, giving, caring, generous, compassionate human beings, but as it stands what little time we have for ourselves is gone in a flash. We don’t have the time to be what I have just mentioned as it is not the wish of those in power. But that topic is for another column. Isn’t it? It’s unfair that some of us have so little time that when we do get it, it has to be spent on what we didn’t have time to do. So much for your perfect day off! The only other option is to win the lottery and never work again and you can have as many perfect days off as you so choose. Tell you what, you’ll soon get bored!
So in closing, go and enjoy your perfect day off, whatever it may be.

Thanks for listening!

Johanne James


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