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By Johanne James

Hi there my dear readers and I do hope you’ve had a good week?

Then let me begin. Neighbours, and no I’m not about to break into song.
You know the one, in fact didn’t the now mega star Kylie Minogue appear in this soap with Jason Donovan back in the 80’s? Now that is going back some time, and I must admit, I did indulge myself a little, but let’s keep that between you and I! For now anyway. I have had some good neighbours, and I have had some awful ones too. It’s purely by luck as to which you’ll end up living next door to. Well as luck would have it, the couples who live next door on both sides are lovely, so it’s just a shame they have to live next door to me! But in saying that, I don’t think I’m so bad a fellow? Hm? We have all seen the documentaries on the neighbours from hell who are rude, violent, antisocial misfits who thrive on petty little dramas that turn into great big tragedies, as it becomes a form of entertainment! It develops into a game of tit for tat and I’ve seen this happen on numerous occasions when one will accuse the other of something that will not exist in the imagination of others, and I have asked myself, “Really, is that it”? Oh well, best leave them to it and observe the fireworks! And fireworks they are!

Then on the brighter side
, I live next door to some wonderful people at this moment in time whom have been so helpful, but one couple have decided at some point in the future that they want to move away, so I suggested that we move next door? AGHHHH they said, we were moving to get away from you, and now you’re moving next door to us? Is there no escape? No! But no matter where you live, unless you are lucky enough to be in an isolated area where your neighbours are at least 20 minutes away and you can make as much mayhem as you like, then best stock up on all the provisions you’ll need as you won’t be able to pop round for a cup of sugar, or anything else in fact. It is important that you live in harmony with those who reside in close proximity to you, unless you are the type that derives some twisted pleasure in the causing of suffering to others. I could never understand as to why some would want to live in such acrimony. The only explanation I can find is that their lives are so uneventful that they have to interfere in the lives of others to give theirs some significance!

In spite of the fact that I make a lot of noise for a living
, I do in fact live very quietly and consider those lovely folks next door as it’s just a matter of respect for I dislike any kind of turbulence and have experienced it first-hand! Yuk! Acrid, caustic and abrasive behaviour from those who have the audacity to call themselves, human? Well, barely? Darwin, where are you when we need you? Lol

Elvis Costello sang, “What’s all this talk about peace love and understanding”. Well, I like it. How about you?

Thanks for listening.

Johanne James



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