By Johanne James

Hi there my friends and how are you all?

Where does that word come from? I’m sure it has Greek origins, but we all know what it means, I hope?
Anyway, they can make your life heaven or hell, take your pick. At this moment in time I have some wonderful people living next door in both directions. Friendly, helpful and non-intrusive, I do mean nosey really. We all have lives to live and I would like to think that we would want to live with as little stress as possible and though it’s not always possible due to some who actually like petty little dramas that turn into great big tragedies, those who feed off the energy of others, those who have such little going on in their lives that they have to intrude in the lives of others to give their lives some meaning. Or they’re just empty. Are they just envious, which can drive one to act irrationally?

I once had some neighbours from hell.
But that’s another topic for another column, or is it? This is about good people that live next door, but when they decide to move away, more often than not you don’t hear from them again. Why is that? It isn’t that they forget about you, but that life has taken them on a different path. Some people come into our lives and only stay a moment and leave a positive impression and there are those whom you’d wish would stay forever and unfortunately there are those whom you wish would disappear. It’s wonderful having the people who live next door live next door for if they were anyone else, who knows what life would be like. I dare not imagine! Life is very short and extremely precious, for the mistake we make is thinking that we have time. When you consider that you may well be living next door to someone for a considerable period, do you not think that it would be best to be on good terms, for as I had mentioned earlier I had the neighbours from hell that were born of a Jackal and very unsavoury! But those who greet us with a smiling face and an open hand I welcome you for that’s when good neighbours become good friends. I’m sure you’ve all seen the soap? Trust me, you’re not missing much! LOL!

Thanks for listening! 

Johanne James



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