By Johanne James

Hello all and how are you on this sunny day? If you can find the sun please let me know ASAP and send it to this part of Northampton. Thank you.

Today I’m going to give you some more tips on what to watch on Netflix.
Now I’m sure you’re thinking that I obviously have far too much time on my hands as I’m constantly talking about this particular item. So I’m going to give you some anyway.

‘Reckoning’ is the story of two men who are fighting their demons after a supposed serial killer has been on the prowl preying on teenage girls! Both of these men are fathers, one a school councillor and a policeman. Will the cop investigating the murders find the culprit responsible for these gruesome acts be caught, and is the killer closer to home than we know? For those of you who like murder mysteries, then this starts as if it’s not going anywhere very slowly. It begins to pick up and then it begins to unravel. It’s worth wading through the treacle to get to the juicy bits. I find that whenever there are teenagers involved, you know there’s going to be trouble. Governments around the world should put all of their teenagers on a rocket bound for Pluto! 1 Season.

I do like my second choice called ‘Castlevania’. Yes it’s an animation about vampires and vampire hunters and other ghoulish beasts that lurk in the shadows that should be sent back to whence they came. Black magic, darkness and light, good and evil, the eternal battle. Why is it that in this series the accents are all English? It’s still great fun to watch, as the episodes are only about 20 minutes each. There are three seasons and well worth it, for me anyway as I’m a big Manga and Anime fan. If you like pure fantasy then this is for you as it was for me. 3 Seasons.

Luther’ is a big favourite. If you are familiar with it then you know. A detective of colour on the lookout for the bad guys, but the link becomes very thin indeed as he becomes embroiled in some rather shady goings. He seems to get the job done although he’s rather unorthodox in his methods when apprehending the said villains. I’m sure you are aware of whom Idris Elba is? If not, then you will be. It’s gripping and at times will have you on the edge of your seat, but somehow you’re always routing for him. In my mind it’s a must, so by all means give it a whirl and see for yourself. 4 seasons.

If there are any others you think I have missed that are worth a watch, then please let me know. They’re all good viewing and an escape from the reality we are having to deal with at this moment in time. Anyway my dear readers, stay far and healthy. Thanks for listening and enjoy the Netflix tips.

Johanne James

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