By Johanne James

Hello there and let’s talk about Netflix.

For those of us who are lucky enough to have or want it, not that you have to be lucky to want it of course, it’s fun and at £6.99 a month it’s well worth it. I can even get it on my phone if I have Wi-Fi. Cool! It seems that where ever you go in Europe the film titles are different, which is a shame really, as you may well get into watching something abroad that you may not continue with when you return to your native land. Then you have the wait until the programme changes. I have spent many an hour in front of the TV watching movies that I had missed at the cinema.
Who hasn’t seen Breaking Bad? AGHHH I spent the whole of my half term holidays watching it. Goodness me, it was thrilling and I said to myself, one more episode then I’ll go to the bathroom, one more, just one more. Don’t worry; I did go in the end. It was gripping, truly gripping and yes, I have an addictive personality, so it wasn’t a problem for me to be glued to the TV. Those of you who suffer the same disorder, you have my sympathy and there is medication for it, but I wouldn’t recommend it as it gave me very bad wind. Anyway, I find it all consuming that some of my favourite movies end up here, which means I have them at my disposal, for a while. What more can I say, and as I have said before I recommend it. And there are others, other than Netflix, which means you have even more movies at your disposal. So for you Netflix addicts out there, break out the beers, crisps, nuts and other little munchies you enjoy and happy Flixing, or Nexing, or whatever.

Thank you, you have been watching …
Johanne James


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