By johanne James

Good day to you all. I do hope you’ve had a good week. Then let me begin.

This is everyone’s favourite: New gear.
Now we as musicians love the latest technology whether it be drums, guitars, basses, amps, you name it. I know a few geeks who can talk the hind legs off a donkey about the latest mixing desk and how it can make tea, walk the dog and shuffle a pack of playing cards whilst scoring goals for Chelsea! Hmm, sounds useful. I wonder if it can cook too? Anyway, I digress. There is so much on the market in what ever you may be looking for, but as you know, mine is drums. Now the truth is, I have gone beyond the latest gadgets and use only what is functional as the other members of both Threshold and Kyrbgrinder can testify. I have had so much gear over the years that it no longer has the appeal, plus it can get rather costly as in fact I much prefer vintage equipment. It means more and has lasted longer. Today it seems that as soon as you have taken something out of the shop within a couple of months it has been replaced by something the manufacturers deem bigger and better and more expensive too! They always find ways of emptying your pockets of your hard earned wonga! Ultimately does it make you play any better? In my experience, no, but it looks good. Now Threshold are an amp and cableless band, no more lugging around a multitude of 4 by 12’s, as everything is in-ears, as this latest tech means that our sound has improved 100 fold and I hope you all agree for those who have seen the latest shows on this tour. Our geeky sound tech loves the fact the stage is silent. No mic bleed. Tell you what for a penny, what he doesn’t know ain’t worth knowing!

There is an excitement about unwrapping that new something and absorbing the smell.
Hmm, only to plug it in and find the confounded thing doesn’t work! How often has new gear exceeded our ability to use it? Many a time I should imagine and that is why I stay away from most things that require more than me just switching them on. If one is happy spending lots of money on whatever it is their hearts desire then be my guest, but my Buddha’s little prayer book states “When desire ends there is peace“. We will always want the latest tech in whatever capacity, but how many of us will use whatever it is we have to its capacity? Not many Benny, I should imagine, but the most important thing is to enjoy what you have for as long as you have it and before the next bit of new gear comes along.

Thanks for listening and good luck with your new purchase.

Johanne James




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