By Johanne James

Good day good people and I do hope that you’ve had a good week and that the sun is shining wherever you may be.

Have you heard of Nomophobia? Being addicted to your phone!
Our lives now seem to revolve around these items that consume us! What on earth did we do before they came into our existence? We actually communicated with one another and not by text or voicemail. You can do just about anything on this mobile mini computer. How many journeys have you taken that you have seen people so engrossed in their phones that they miss their stops? Eyes forward and blinkered like horses at the Grand National and totally oblivious to the outside world! How many time do you look at your phone to check messages or notifications, check your bank balance, emails, whatever it may be? There are health complications too as these things do omit amounts of radiation. I always put mine on loudspeaker that I don’t hold to my ear and fry my singular brain cell, or indeed put in my pocket that I don’t fry another part of my anatomy! You see people bent over that their necks will more than likely need extensive physiotherapy to correct years of an unnatural posture.

Now people are suffering withdrawal symptoms from not having their phones, cold sweats and the fear of being without it is very strange indeed. Almost like leaving the house and forgetting to put clothes on! Now there’s something, there you are totally unaware that you’re stark naked, but you do have your phone! Engage in textual intercourse, yes textual intercourse, you all have dirty minds. What on earth will we now do without them, as there may come a day that we may have to? What will happen when this edifice that we have built comes crashing down around our heads we may even have to learn how to write letters, and post them. So my next question is, when was the last time anyone actually wrote a letter? Email is of course so much easier and quicker, but will we lose the ability to write? Will that skill become a thing of the past? Have we become so addicted to these devices that they have become such an integral part of our lives? Look at it this way. Come will the day when we know whom we serve. The mobile phone has become our lord and master! We are slaves to the machine.

Thanks for listening.

I’ll text you!

Johanne James

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