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By johanne James

Good day to you, my friends and let’s talk about One Hit Wonders.
There have been quite a few over the years, haven’t there? But funnily enough, none spring to mind at this very moment. Let me think? Okay, let’s go through some of the nineties one hit wonders, for those of us who were born before that particular decade, of course. Here’s my top ten. Now you must remember that these songs were played on the radio stations any self-respecting-metal merchant would never entertain, but their children might. We could learn a lot from them, if we would only listen! Just as well I don’t have any! Lol.

  1. ‘Please Don’t Go’ by KWS. The original was done by KC and The Sunshine Band. Ha ha ha ha.
  2. ‘Steal My Sunshine’ by LEN. Anyone? No, then I guess your kids had better taste than I gave them credit for! Lol!
  3. ‘Sex And Candy’ by MARCY PLAYGROUND. Now I only heard this a couple of times, so luckily, it didn’t stay in my memory too long! There is a god!
  4. ‘Groove Is In The Heart’ by DEE LITE. Truth is, I did quite like this one, but it didn’t stay around very long, and I must say, it’s still a hit on the dance floor, for those of us who still know how.
  5. ‘Stay Tonight’ by EAGLE-EYE CHERRY. Now those of you who know your stuff, this is the offspring of famous musician Don Cherry and sibling of Neneh Cherry. No? Okay, then I shall move on.
  6. ‘I Love You Always Forever’ by DONNA LEWIS. This young lady always sounded like a Pixie to me, and I don’t mean The Pixies of ‘This Monkey’s Gone Forever’ fame, but a real Pixie! Though I haven’t seen many of late. Must be the lack of alcohol!
  7. ‘A Girl Like You’ by EDWIN COLLINS. He played with Orange Juice before he went solo. Now to be honest, I didn’t mind this one also, it kinda, got to me. Why, I have no idea, must be the alcohol? Lol!
  8. ‘I Try’ by MACY GRAY. I did like her voice even though she sounded as though she had been gargling with razor blades. Ouch, and I thought Listerine was bad enough!
  9. ‘Bitch’ by MEREDITH BROOKS. Now here was a rock chick who knew how to rock. But then she didn’t, I wonder why?
  10. And last but not least. ‘Crush’ by JENNIFER PAIGE. Hmm. I didn’t much take to this, I just found it a bit sloppy, but it did serve its purpose for the people who liked it, as could be said for all of them.
I sometimes wonder when I hear these old tunes, what ever became of those who were tipped to be stars?
It wouldn’t surprise me that they ended up working at your local supermarket stacking shelves, or at the tills or something, as we all have to survive. I wonder if they even have anything to do with music? Mums, dads and so on as life can take over living! But there is one more song that I should have mentioned. For me, this was the biggest flop of all time! It was BABYLON ZOO ‘Spaceman’. Now if you don’t remember this one, you must have been living on Pluto with you fingers in your ears! When I heard this I thought, “it’s a hit”, but then you have to follow it up with something that will surpass it. Well, low and behold, they didn’t and nobody ever heard of them again! Well, whatever they may or may-not be doing, I wish them all the best. Take it from me, they have at least done that which we have not, and that’s been heard by millions. Love them or hate them, they will always be remembered, for what ever reasons. They will evoke a memory, good, bad or indifferent!

They had their moment in the spotlight and shone very brightly for a brief moment. But remember, that which burns twice as bright, burns half as long.

Thanks for listening.

Johanne James


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