By johanne James

Our plans for 2019. Threshold and Kyrbgrinder that is.
Well, if you go onto the or FB page of both bands, you’ll see what we have in store for you all, but there may be a few surprises along the way, but I’m not going to tell you, otherwise they won’t be a surprise, will they?

Is there another album on the way for KG?

Oh yes, as the material has been written and we are just waiting for an opportunity, to? Well, funding is always a bit of a worry, but not to worry as the funding will take care of itself! I hope? Lol. As for gigs, well, as you know they can be quite hard to come by without an agent.

Well, it’s always been a case of WORLD DOMINATION! I am kidding, but both bands intend to do as much as possible this year for time is running short, and the shorter it gets, the less time we have! Personally, I would play 364 day a year, I would have to take at least one day off to shower. I had better be careful what I ask for, right, for when you get what you want, it ain’t what you wanted! I’m sure you’ll all agree that what musicians do best, is play music, so is there another Threshold album on the horizon? My guess is, there will always be another Threshold album on the way, and as long as our limbs work, then so shall we! We hope to see as many of you on our travels this year, and for our US fans, see you in September. As you may remember, Threshold played at Rosfest in Gettysburg last year and it was a blast, but if I see another French fry, I’ll end up taking more medication than Glaxo can provide! I’ll be rattling like a bottle of M&M’s or whatever you call them.

Anyway, thanks all of you Threshold and Kyrbgrinder fans, and see you all soon, and by the way, please bring your best voices with you.

Thanks for your support, we shall always wear it! LOL

Johanne James

Header Photo by Robert Burress


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