by Johanne James

Hello again!

PATIENCE: It is a virtue, but not when you’re driving or in a hurry!

Indeed. How many times have you said to yourself, I wish that idiot in front of me would get a move on, come on hurry up beep beeep! Yep, been there done that and sometimes still do. I ask for patience and more often than not I get the opportunity. Frustrating as it may be, one is never patient but can only ever practice at being so. What do we have to gain by being in a hurry? Stress! In which case we should plan our journey’s better but one cannot legislate for the unknown? It seems we spend much of our lives waiting for something, a bus, a train, at the checkout, in a doctor’s or dentist’s surgery, for a plane carrying our friends and loved ones to arrive. We are always waiting, therefore patience is something we acquire, learn or just say, to hell with it, I’m off, I’m not waiting any longer! I have learned the art of patience, or should I say, I am learning, for when the message is sent into the universe for whatever I maybe asking for, the opportunity presents itself and it is then up to me to act, for the window will only stay open for a limited period of time. Years may pass and then wham, there it is: the chance for me to do what it was I had asked for. How many times have you misplaced an item, only to find it when you least expect and when you are searching for something else? Ah, there it is, I was looking for that and would never have found it had I not been searching for blah blah blah. How maddening is it at the time that you can’t locate it, where did you last see it is the usual question, well if I knew that I wouldn’t be looking for now would I, is the usual answer. You’ll just have to wait and it will turn up when it does. In truth we have no choice other than to practice this art, for it gets us absolutely nowhere thinking we can do anything about it. The older you get, the less time you have, so we end up having more past than future and no other choice than to be, patient.

Thank you.


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