By Johanne James

Hi there, my friends.

Let’s talk about the dreaded photo shoot.
Hmm. Personally, I would rather be elsewhere, but indeed they are a necessary evil. Well, not an evil as such and perhaps that’s the use of a rather strong metaphor. Anyway, shall we continue? I suppose they serve their purpose, but does anyone out there find the outcome of these pouting posing images pointless? No? Then I must be the only person who does. Then again, I’m not in any way photogenic, though some say I am. They must be wearing beer glasses or wine glasses or no glasses at all, in which case they must be blind! I wonder as to how difficult it must be to look at a photo through Braille. I have stood in the cold, wind, rain, snow and baking hot sunshine for the sometimes rather overindulgent photographer to achieve his and our aim, which we shouldn’t lose sight of. And we must remember that it is for our benefit that he or she takes the 5 or 6 hundred pics for us to sift through and choose the most favourable. Having to take with you a change of attire to vary the look and even going as far as having your make up done, aagghhhh, get me out of here!! I’m only too happy to be a “one day all ghost” and out of there when it’s all over, as the other members of Threshold can testify to. That’s a few hours of my life I’ll never see again. I could have been playing ice hockey! Next time I’ll just send a selfie of which I also have a rather healthy distaste for, hence I never take them, but I do of my snare drums! So in closing, for those of us who enjoy them, enjoy, and for those who don’t, follow me down the pub and I’ll buy the first round!

See you at the next shoot, my friends.

Johanne James


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