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By Johanne James

Hello there my dear friends and how are you all as things are beginning to return to normal? I think?

Anyway, here we go with today’s topic. Pitfalls.
The pitfalls of buying or doing something, the hidden dangers that may lurk within whatever it is you may have done or purchased.
Recently I bought myself a table saw. As you all know I like doing woodwork so you can all imagine the danger of using one incorrectly and the potentiality of me losing a finger or two and wham, my drumming career is kaput!!!!!
You sometimes have no idea as to what you may be getting yourself into, like buying a second hand car. You have no idea what you may be getting, a peach or a right lemon. So unless you do your research into whatever the item is you’re buying, then more fool you! I don’t like getting on planes, so imagine the dangers of getting in one of those.

So please do the research in whatever it is you choose to do or buy or say. The consequences can be catastrophic.

Thanks for listening.

Johanne James

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