By Johanne James

Hello all and how are you?

Let’s talk about being proud.

Pride is one of the seven deadly sins, is it not? Taken out of context, I can’t disagree. In fact the ego has been one of the most destructive personality traits man has. Ego leads to pride, leads to conceit and so on and so wars have started, nations fall and millions die.

We have the right to be a little proud, do we not?
Take pride in our appearance, but not to the point of spending more than the GDP of Honduras on a pair of shoes, a diamond ring or a handmade suit! One can be proud of one’s achievements that would be to the benefit of others, but one must be careful not to become arrogant or conceited, as I have seen on so many occasions. I myself have succumbed to that deadly sin at one time or another, but have soon reeled myself in to then be humble, recognize what I have, done but not to the point of being boastful!

We have all, I would imagine, been in a place within ourselves where pride has taken over, and what we must do, or should I say me, is to recognize but not identify with it as it will more than likely take me down a path I have no desire to travel! In fact I have already been there and didn’t like the result, so I made my way back and with a little luck and a lot of guidance I shall never travel that path again! I do hope that whatever may take control of us at any particular time, may it not be pride!

Thank you for listening and good luck, my friends.

Johanne James



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