By Johanne James

Hello, my friends.

It’s something we will all have to face at some point in our lives, but how we cope or deal with it is entirely down to the individual, I think. Well, I hope so. We all have coping mechanisms that usually get us through difficult times and there are a host to choose from which I shan’t go into as you know what they are. Unfortunately for some of us who can’t cope, rejection has led them to a permanent solution for a temporary problem. They are always temporary for no state is permanent, not even a bad one! If we had time machines I can guarantee that there are events in our lives that we would all change bar none, for regret is also something we have to face. A certain guitar player I know would always get drunk at the weekend to the point when one night he ended up in an alley surrounded by prostitutes asking him if he wanted business, to which he replied no thanks just the nearest bus stop. He then passed out on the bus and missed his stop and ended up at the bus garage and consequently had to get the same bus back to his original destination. On another occasion in a drunken stupor kicked someone’s car, only to discover that the person to whom the car belonged was watching and then decided that he and his mates should, let me say, give him a right good kicking. He ended up in hospital with a detached retina and other broken bits to his person! Won’t do that again!

So many of us have been told, I’m sorry but you’re not what we’re looking for or worse.
Sorry seems to be the hardest word! You all know the song and yes, we have all been there. Those of my generation of course, for you youngsters out there have no idea as to what awaits you, and you therefore have my sympathy. Not! Lol. But enough doom and gloom, because rejection can also be a Godsend. I remember dodging a few bullets in my time and let me tell you, I’m so happy that there is a thing called nearly, for I nearly got into a state that, well let me say that if she hadn’t said no then I wouldn’t be writing this column, and would more than likely be incarcerated in some dark place where I wouldn’t be counting days, weeks, months or years, but millennia! So I thank you for the rejection, as it was a blessing in disguise. Perhaps if we see it that way then perhaps it will make coping with a situation a lot easier. You know the old saying that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and in some cases it does, and some it doesn’t for we all have a breaking point, sad but true!

In the end life is short and very precious. Pain is inevitable, loss is inevitable, rejection is inevitable and the world will keep on grinding out life and churning out our experiences. Best we do the best we can.

I thank you for listening.

Johanne James 



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