rush hour

Rush Hour In London

by Johanne James

Hello again!

Today I’m going to talk about rush hour in London.
All I can say is, AAGGHHH! It’s the worst, or it can be, especially if you have to take the tube. Being jam-packed into a, what can only be descried as a moving Sardine can, propelled into darkness. I am of course talking about the underground, Being pressed against some sweaty commuter who takes up more space than he or she should is no fun. Then again it is said that the London underground is the most efficient and safest in the world! Would anyone out there like to challenge that comment? It’s worse when there is signal failure and trains have to be redirected and cancelled, then the system goes what is commonly known as: UP THE WALL. Oh shucks, late for work again.

The traffic as it would be anywhere is a nightmare, but London traffic in rush hour has it’s own unique qualities. The roadworks can be frustrating, to say the least, as the city center does not have the ability to cope with the volume of vehicles, hence the roadworks, of course. There must be another way for us to get to and from our destinations of employment? There are just too many cars and too many people trying to occupy too little space. Therefore it is inevitable that there is going to be mass congestion. There are no answers only choices. Even the congestion charge and over inflated parking penalties don’t seem to elleviate the problem. Any suggestions are welcome! I have one, but it isn’t legal. I want to get out of the city and live in the country where the definition of a traffic is waiting for sheep to cross the road. Heaven. Would anyone care to join me? Don’t all rush at once as we may find ourselves with a whole host of new problems. Like traffic. Have a good day and journey home.

Peace my friends.


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