by Johanne James

Hey there,

Let’s talk about the dreaded item that can make or break a good gig! THE SETLIST. Now it has been a bone of contention for many of us, as we will have our own opinions as to what should or should not be played! We have our favourites that can bring us to the boil, and then there are compositions that will make us think; now there’s twelve minutes of my life I won’t get back! I know we have all been there and we are collectively thinking, when will this end as I’m dying to go to the bathroom…. Again! After some shows we have said to ourselves, wow, I could do that all over as we are filled with euphoria and the adulation of the crowd will make us feel like, like, dare I say, like Gods! I did say, dare I say? We can triumph over adversity when we have delivered the ultimate show, as it’s a case of always putting your best foot forward, metaphorically speaking of course, meaning that you start as you mean to finish, with your best songs, compositions or whatever you wish to call them? The worst is that you deliver your best and get no response at all. I once played at a Hell’s Angel’s convention, we played our pants off, not literally but we may as well have. We got no reaction at all, people were looking around to see who had the most courage to start the applause? You could see them tapping their feet and bopping their heads but were just too afraid to let others see that what they were hearing was not only being appreciated, but thoroughly enjoyed too. They identified with the music, but they weren’t sure they could identify with where it was coming from? LOL.

Picking the most suitable set is crucial to any performance, but the delivery is the ultimate test, so let’s knock em dead, keep em rocking and take them on a ride they will never forget! Good luck.

Peace my friends.


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