By Johanne James

Hello again my friends.

Whom of you out there is superstitious?
I must say I have had mine in the past and they have served me no purpose at all. They have driven me to distraction. Did you know that my lucky number is 13? Big time, I love it! LOL Where do they come from? How do they originate and what do they base them on? They serve their purpose for those who believe in them and will always have a place in our culture and society.
Don’t walk under ladders! Don’t scratch your head or you’ll get splinters, that’s what my Nan told me. I guess there may be some grounds for them, but as I said, what was the origin of each of them?
They are passed on from generation to generation who will then adapt them to this 21st century environment. There are certain rituals I will perform before a gig, but they are not based on superstition, but a willingness to play well, therefore I’ll warm up thoroughly before going on stage! There is no chanting or singing or dancing, not yet anyway. Stevie Wonder said: “If you believe in things you don’t understand then you suffer”. And he may have a point. So many times we have taken sayings as gospel and never questioned them. I would say that all things are to be questioned, but only to a point. Here’s a cliché: too much analysis leads to paralysis. I’m sure you’ve heard that one before. The universe is a very, very powerful entity and if you know how to use it, it will give you anything you want. It’s like one great big copying machine that will churn out wishes and desires, consciously or subconsciously. Therefore you must be very careful what you wish for, and also be very specific otherwise you may well end up in a situation that you will never be prepared for! I am speaking from experience not superstition!
For those of you who have your foibles, good luck.

Peace my friends.


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