The definition of money

by Johanne James

Hello !

Hm? To purchase benefits. A token to appropriate goods that one needs or desires. Most people I know have a distinct lack of it. One percent of the world’s population owns forty percent of it! Go figure! I would of course like my share, but how much is enough? More often than not we don’t know how rich we truly are. Do we define our worth by what we possess, or, what we can do, give and share with one another? We gather clutter and things that decay or redden with rust. We lust after that will shimmer, shine and tinkle. Do these things truly make our lives any better, or do they make our lives any easier? Unfortunately this society demands that we cannot live without the so-called currency of life. We forget we have an abundance of love, friendships, happiness and a wealth of talent that may in fact define whom and what we are! For no matter how much money and clutter one may gather in a lifetime, a fool is still a fool. Does money make you happy or just busy, as you may well spend most of your time worrying about who’s trying to relieve you of it? Hence one will lock themselves away and become a prisoner of their own good fortune, hard work or deception. So your concern becomes either not having enough or trying to hold on to it. Now we have a different set of problems. There are those who have and those who have not. Then there are those who have and those who have YACHTS!! I have a rowing boat that leaks water! Is that an iceberg I see before me?

So in closing, live, love and cherish those around you for we are here for a good time, not a long time. But of course, a little more money would surely help. Then I could get myself some new cymbals! Donations welcome.




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