By Johanne James

Hi all!

The groove is what makes you move, makes your heart beat to the beat and one can get lost in the moment. I was once told that after playing a gig with a band called The big Broadcast, that one can set their clock by the groove the bassist and myself were engrossed in. It became so hypnotic that I myself was lost. The music was uncomplicated, very straightforward, but goodness me, it had so much meaning that every beat was my last on earth. Never since that day have I grooved to the point of hypnosis and more than likely never will! It was a chemistry that may never be repeated, and that is a shame. To be honest the aim, as far as I’m concerned, when playing music is to see people dance, to see them in a trance-like state to something you are creating. What more could one ask of a groove? What more can one ask or give of oneself, for this now takes on a spiritual dimension and for those of you who have experienced what I’m sharing, well need I say more?
It is said there are those who play from the neck up, and those from the heart down. Technical expertise has its place as so does the groove, but one has to find out which means more to them. I have been lucky to find a happy medium between the two, a good balance is essential in music. There is a what, when, how and why, and the question I am frequently asked is how did you play that fill at that particular time. And my answer is always, “I knew you would ask that question”. But they never ask “why” and until someone does, I can’t answer the question that no one has yet asked! It may be wise not to try and impress your audience but to make them a part of what you are doing, feel their presence and enjoy it.
What was that song by Dee Lite? “Groove is in the heart”.

Thanks for listening.

Peace my friends.

Johanne James


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